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1902 Armchair Purkersdorf Sanatorium  Koloman Moser 1902 Armchair Purkersdorf Sanatorium

 Koloman Moser(at)

1920 Chest of drawers   Eileen Gray 1920 Chest of drawers

 Eileen Gray(gb)

 Storage, shelf  
1923 Chair Berlin  Gerrit Thomas Rietveld 1923 Chair Berlin

 Gerrit Thomas Rietveld(nl)

1933 Pencil sharpener   Raymond Loewy 1933 Pencil sharpener

 Raymond Loewy(us)

1949 vacuum cleaner Junior  Henry Dreyfuss Hoover 1949 vacuum cleaner Junior

 Henry Dreyfuss(us)


 home appliance  
1957 Chair Superlegera  Gio Ponti Cassina 1957 Chair Superlegera

 Gio Ponti(it)


1964 Standing lamp Chiara  Mario Bellini Flos 1964 Standing lamp Chiara

 Mario Bellini(it)


1971 Stackable ashtray   Isao Hosoe Kartell 1971 Stackable ashtray

 Isao Hosoe(jp)


1988 Conference table   Isao Hosoe Itoki 1988 Conference table

 Isao Hosoe(jp)


1997 Side table Floating beam  David Lynch Casanostra 1997 Side table Floating beam

 David Lynch(us)


2001 table Etcetera  Bram Boo Feld 2001 table Etcetera

 Bram Boo(be)



«Besides the juice, the section usually contains a small seed from the same tree. This is a little gift that the production offers to the consumer just in case he should wish to have a personal production of these objects. Please note the economic unselfishness of such an idea, and at the same time the psychological bond that is born between the consumer and the production.» Bruno Munari (Orange)