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1910 Armchair Cubus  Josef Hoffmann 1910 Armchair Cubus

 Josef Hoffmann(at)

1945 Task lamp   Jumo 1945 Task lamp


1952 Table lamp Anywhere  Margaretta Von Nessen 1952 Table lamp Anywhere

 Margaretta Von Nessen(us)

1954 cooker Super Cocotte  Seb 1954 cooker Super Cocotte


 home appliance  
1957 decanter Kremlin Kellot  Kaj Franck Nuutajärvi 1957 decanter Kremlin Kellot

 Kaj Franck(fi)


1962 letter opener Ameland  Enzo Mari Danese 1962 letter opener Ameland

 Enzo Mari(it)


1963 Table lamp   Verner Panton 1963 Table lamp

 Verner Panton(dk)

1967 coffee pot Cylinda  Arne Jacobsen Stelton 1967 coffee pot Cylinda

 Arne Jacobsen(dk)


1969 Folding chair Plia  Giancarlo Piretti Castelli 1969 Folding chair Plia

 Giancarlo Piretti(it)


circa 1970 Chaise longue   Charles Zublena circa 1970 Chaise longue

 Charles Zublena(fr)

1971 Chair Synthesis 45  Ettore Sottsass Olivetti 1971 Chair Synthesis 45

 Ettore Sottsass(it)


1982 Chaise longue Pi  Martin Szekely Neotu 1982 Chaise longue Pi

 Martin Szekely(fr)


2002 Lemon squeezer Squeezer  Pascal Bauer Lexon 2002 Lemon squeezer Squeezer

 Pascal Bauer(fr)


2003 Chair Chair One  Konstantin Grcic Magis 2003 Chair Chair One

 Konstantin Grcic(de)



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