Furnitures Design Time Line Years > 1910

1910 Armchair Cubus  Josef Hoffmann 1910 Armchair Cubus

 Josef Hoffmann(at)

1910 Table lamp   Emile Galle 1910 Table lamp

 Emile Galle(fr)

1911 Armchair   Josef Chochol 1911 Armchair

 Josef Chochol(cz)

1911 clock Mantel  Gustav Stickley 1911 clock Mantel

 Gustav Stickley(us)

1912 Chest of drawers   Paul Iribe 1912 Chest of drawers

 Paul Iribe(fr)

 Storage, shelf  
1913 Chair Midway Gardens  Frank Lloyd Wright 1913 Chair Midway Gardens

 Frank Lloyd Wright(us)

1913 Armchair Doucet  Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann 1913 Armchair Doucet

 Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann(fr)

1914 Sewing machine N27  Singer 1914 Sewing machine N27


 home appliance  
1915 low table Bilboquet  Eileen Gray 1915 low table Bilboquet

 Eileen Gray(gb)

1916 Chair Tokyo Imperial Hotel  Frank Lloyd Wright 1916 Chair Tokyo Imperial Hotel

 Frank Lloyd Wright(us)

1918 Armchair Red and blue  Gerrit Thomas Rietveld Cassina 1918 Armchair Red and blue

 Gerrit Thomas Rietveld(nl)


1918 Table lamp Schroeder  Gerrit Thomas Rietveld 1918 Table lamp Schroeder

 Gerrit Thomas Rietveld(nl)


«An item of furniture cannot be designed on the drawing-board; I believe it must necessary be constructed as soon as one has vizualized it.» Jean Prouvé